About Me

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My name is Gillian Kirby. I’m a mature-age (thirty-something) part-time student, majoring in History and Politics, at a university in Sydney, Australia. I’m passionate about history, global politics, the future of higher education, and encouraging the public to engage with the humanities more and to understand their importance.

The purpose for my blog has changed over the last couple of years. It was originally intended to be a place for me to explore historical & political topics but I’ve had rather too many heavy life experiences that I feel compelled to write about those as well as my life as a mature age student with a young family to take care of. I hope to make people aware of some lesser known issues or ones that people are reluctant to talk about openly such as infertility. In an ideal world I’d love my blog to kick start some interesting discussions but I’ve found very few people want to discuss things so openly unless they’re bloggers themselves or tweeters.

So I suppose this blog has become a personal journal for me, documenting my journey as a mature age student and the challenges that crop up along the way. I’d love to hear any feedback although I will just ignore you if you troll me.

Other bits of info: I have a need to write, whether it be essays, novels, screenplays, poetry or blogs. I have been writing in one form or another most of my life. Oh and I’m a nerd, loud & proud!

I have a blood disorder called Pancytopenia that doctors presume is caused by an auto-immune disease which means basically that I tire easily and I pick up bacterial infections very easily. My very personal blog post entitled ‘Mature Age Renaissance’ (Oct 2011) contains a longer explanation and how it has affected my life.

I am a mother of three young children and have a wonderfully supportive husband known as DH in my blogs (for Dearest Husband). My husband and I moved our family to Brisbane in January 2013 for a few years which I have found quite challenging as we are removed from most of our family and friends.

Thank you for visiting my blog.


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