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After feeling pretty good in late July, August has been a mixture of emotions. As usual I’m run off my feet most days – this month I’ve started back at uni again as well as making a few changes to our house. I’ve found and had installed a new vanity unit for our ensuite. We only had a basin before and zero storage space – I don’t know what the previous owners were thinking! Yesterday we’ve had air conditioning installed in our three bedrooms – it’s unbearably hot here in Brisbane for about 4 months of the year and sometimes winter nights do get cold! Next week we have a new built-in wardrobe being installed in our son’s bedroom as it’s the only room without one and the wardrobe in master bedroom is having some drawers and shelves installed in a section of it. I still have to find a carpenter who actually wants to fix our front and side doors. It’s a long story so I’ll leave that for another post. So yes I’ve been busy but at least my baby’s been well this month and she’s been sleeping really well, only waking once at night and maybe once or twice a week she sleeps right through!

One of my goals at the beginning of this month was to finally get back to exercising again. My physical health has been pretty good, apart from a few blackouts this week, but with all that I’ve had to do I keep putting it as a last priority for me. I’m slowing working on this. I usually find the first 6 weeks are the hardest to stay motivated so I’ll keep at it. When I was going for a long walk with DH last week he finally solved a puzzle…..well he thinks he has anyway and my Doctor seems to agree with him: I may have exercise-induced asthma. This would explain why I’ve always found it hard to push myself (since I was a teenager) with cardio-based exercises like walking, running etc yet I have no problems pushing myself to the limit doing weights at the gym. So my doctor has booked me in for a spirometry test next Wednesday so I’ll be curious to see how that goes. I’ve always wanted to be a runner – I was a good runner as a child but something happened in puberty and I’ve never been the same since. And I think with my metabolism finally slowing down it would be good to have this problem solved now and see if I can prevent the middle-aged spread while it’s trying to creep up on me!

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Added to this mix is something that’s been bothering me over the last six weeks or so and that’s the lack of contact with my friends in Sydney and people who used to be everyday acquaintances through school or uni or in my local community. I miss everyone so much and I think of them so often but trying to find a good time to call friends when a) most of them are back to full-time work, b) when I do try to speak to them it’s always so noisy with the kids and we’re constantly interrupted – how is it kids manage to have accidents and dramas always when you’re on the phone! And  c) most of them operate on waking at some un-Godly hour like 5am, eating dinner at 6pm and are in bed by 9pm, while I usually don’t get up til 7am, dinner is usually 7pm or later, and my kids are not even asleep until 9pm so I’m not usually ready to sleep until 11pm. So there’s a lack of time each day that overlaps when it’s good for me to call them or vice versa.

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It even feels like since we left Sydney 20 months ago that people don’t think about us as much – like that saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It’s probably not the truth, it’s probably more to do with life getting busier as the kids get older and the fact we aren’t in the same city so friends don’t contact you to catch up in person. I’ve even had people who used to be very encouraging of me with my studies and now they seem to ignore most of my messages by phone or social media. So it’s all gotten me down a bit lately. Perhaps we all feel the same way, that in the busy-ness of life we feel less connected? Or it could just be that I miss the weekend barbeques, dinner parties, and picnics with family and friends, and the familiar friendly faces at university and at the shops and businesses of my local community and our old school. It’s certainly been interesting to see that still, after all this time there are very few parents at our current school who are interested in talking to me. I more or less gave up trying earlier this year. We have one family who we adore (you know I’m talking about you Jodie!) and we’re becoming friends with another family which is really lovely (there’s even a whole 6 degrees of separation with that one – though in this case it’s two) and it’s been really good to spend more time with my brother, sister-in-law and my beautiful 3yr nephew. I’m grateful for these relationships but I’m still missing everyone back home so much.

Brisbane is a lovely place, but I still feel like a fish out of water here and with the weather warming up, by November that will feel more acute!

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