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I’m on the homestretch for this semester – an exam tomorrow morning and my Italian exam next Tuesday. I would have normally finished by last week but as I’m taking two subjects this time that are exam based I have an extra two weeks of revision, which reduces my time off by two weeks but a month off from study is better than nothing (yes, even nerds like me need a break from study).

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s exam on Macroeconomics. I’m not a quick thinker so I prefer assignment work and mathematics is not my strong point so my confidence isn’t super high, although I feel much better about doing economics now than I did after my failure earlier this semester. If I do well on this exam I could still end up with an overall Credit for this unit but we’ll see. Looks like my GPA is about to drop from it’s perfect score, oh well, it had to happen sometime!

I’ve been considering what to do about next semester, DH has suggested I go back to only studying one subject at a time as my health has been troublesome lately. I know that would be the sensible thing to do, and I can hear my mother’s voice nagging me in my head as I know she’d agree with him, but my inner determination won’t let me. I will continue with my Italian studies as I don’t find it too taxing (languages have usually been relatively easy for me) and unless they change the timetable then I should also be doing a subject in the Ancient History department on what happens after the fall of Rome in Europe. I believe it covers Europe from the 6th to the 12th centuries and looks at the ‘Barbarians’, Byzantium and Islam. I’m very excited about it!

I’m also excited about the fact that I’ll be able to blog about some of the history that I’ll be learning about, either at uni or research I’m doing for my long-term future. Whether or not anyone wants to read about it I don’t know! I didn’t think I could really blog about learning economics or Italian this semester, I think that would be too boring.

I’m also looking forward to finishing my exams as I’m missing my friends dearly. I’ve hardly seen anyone in the last few months, I just felt the need to hibernate while getting on top of these new subjects. But I’ll be free soon and can’t wait to have my friends and my normal life back!