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Where do I start? This was the week I had offered to help out my family and a meeting at uni which I was very happy to do but by Friday I found my body rebelling yet again letting me know loud and clear that I hadn’t taken care of myself and was now paying the price.

I ended up helping out my family more than was originally expected but when it’s your family’s health involved you have to do everything you can (even though I feel I didn’t do very much). I also had to take my daughter out of day care permanently, for reasons I don’t need to go into, and quickly find an alternative in the form of a nanny, and my hubby was interstate for work for a few days. This is on top all the usual housework, caring for our children, stuff for school and my uni classes and study.

I’ve discovered this semester how much I love the way history subjects are structured in that there is a constant, steady stream of work, research and essay writing. With Italian and Macroeconomics yes there is a steady amount of work to do but the revision for all the tests and exams keeps piling up. My teachers had warned students of the snowballing effect and now I’m feeling it.

So on Friday, after my Italian class, I attended a history conference at uni which was wonderful. However, this involves sitting down for long periods of time, and as I haven’t been taking care of myself lately (mainly not resting at all this week, no gym workout for 2 weeks, and not eating enough due to rushing around) I found that my body was struggling. While sitting there listening to some really interesting talks I found myself feeling the familiar dizzy spells coming over me except this time it wasn’t going away. It stayed with me for a very long time and it was very strong so much so that the tingling I usually get in my hands took over my body and my hands started shaking uncontrollably. My friend sitting near me noticed what was going on and I could see she was keeping an eye on me. At one point I was sure I was close to fainting and having my friend nearby was a comfort to me. When the chance came to eat and drink I did so quickly and very soon I started to feel somewhat normal again. However, when I’ve experienced a dizzy spell that bad I can feel the effects of it for the rest of the day.

So this weekend I will rest and study as much as possible and hope that life gets back to normal next week.