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Last night I sat an exam for Macroeconomics, the second major one we’ve had this semester (we have fortnightly minor tests as well). However, this was the first one solely on problem solving – which means no economic theory questions just much equation solving and graphs representing them. Now I will remind you here that I am a History student – maths is not a strength of mine, it uses a part of my brain that switched off countless years ago after the final exams for Year 12.

So I’m sitting in the lecture hall filling out my answer sheet with name, student number, when a question sheet is handed to me. Once I’ve finished reading it I have the opening dialogue of ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ running through my head, “F%#*ITY – F^@%”!! I have a fair idea of what to do with questions 1a) and 1b) but 1c) has me completely stumped and the problem is that all the other 7 questions following it rely on the answer I give in 1c). I’m starting to panic, getting very hot and sweaty (not in a good way) and then Dearest Hubby’s voice comes in to my head “Don’t panic, if you’re calm you’ll remember more”. I ended up writing on the answer sheet “I’m really sorry I but cannot remember the equations and corresponding graphs that would answer these questions”. Never in my life have I sat an exam where I didn’t know how to answer most of the questions. I know I have failed this exam and I’m okay with that now (I wasn’t last night – I got into my car and cried) I’m just glad it happened now and not during the final exam which is worth 60%, ouch!

At the end of this semester I know I’ll be grateful to have studied economics but it’s been a painful and rather boring experience for me!