I’m walking around my house trying to come to terms with the fact there is nothing I have to do today (that is after the kids have been packed off to school and day care). I have been running on empty for the last six weeks and now that the uni semester has finished I need to really slow down, take stock of all that has happened this year and start to make mental lists of all that needs doing and all that I want to do. The want-to-do list is very long as I never really got round to achieving anything last summer as I was very sick for a couple of months.

So walking around my house I am feeling a little numb but still overwhelmed so I have decided to focus on myself today. My body, mind and soul/spirit (whatever you want to call it) need lots of rest and refuelling so that I have something to give to my Dear Hubby (DH) and children instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel as I have been for the last six weeks. I haven’t had a moment for any relaxation or time out during that period and the dizzy spells and sharp pains in my limbs (not to mention the grey look on my face) that I’ve been having lately are trying to tell me it’s enough, stop already!

So what did I end up doing today? Slept for a few hours and then had a massage in the comfort of my own, but very messy, home, and I do not feel guilty.