Why am I doing this?
What am I going to write about?
Why would anyone want to read this?

These are the questions that have plagued me for the last year while I’ve been deciding to blog or not to blog. Part of me feels I’m writing this purely for myself as a record of my journey, part of me feels – with the help of a couple of ‘cheerleaders’ on my side – that maybe I have something to offer the readers out there in cyberspace. If you do stop by I’d love to hear from you and know why you liked it and please feel free to share one of the blogs on Facebook or whatever social media takes your fancy. If you do have some constructive criticism I’m all ears. However, if you didn’t like it then keep your thoughts to yourself! I’m sure this website will tell me just how well or poorly I am doing by the number of visitors over time.

How on earth do you blog so that people actually want to read it? When researching how to go about blogging most of the info I found was for professional bloggers who are either trying to make a decent wage out of it through adverts on their blog or companies who blog about their latest products or services. I don’t fit into either of those categories but hey if you want to pay me go ahead!  I suppose I wanted to do this because I feel the need to write, I actually love writing essays which many people have told me is very strange!  I may not be entirely happy with each essay I produce but I love the research and I love the writing stage and hopefully I’ll get better with more practice. However, I also feel the need to write more personal items – I spent a few years working on a novel and some screenplays but none of them are finished as I’m hopeless at dialogue.

My husband laughs at my Facebook entries when I post them occasionally not because they are funny but because he can’t understand the need to write and share something with people. He thinks my blog is going to be something like “hey today I watched grass grow. . .” I’m certainly no fan of the daily entries or even multiple daily entries where you are informed of what was made for breakfast (unless you’re a chef, of course) and how you’re stuck in traffic yet again. So I’ll spare you the more mundane stuff of my life and will try to enlighten you with my wonderful journey as a nerdy mature-age student, mother of two young children, wife of a businessman, daughter of a woman with Parkinson’s and a Metallurgical Engineer obsessed with history and trains, sister and sister-in-law to many wonderful siblings, hopefully a good friend to those who’ve been good to me and finally life in a body with interesting health issues (well, they’re interesting to me because they’re mine, obviously).